Ecologically driven design, Buffalo New York

Olson Design is an ecologically driven landscape design studio, based in Buffalo New York. We work on a wide range of projects: large-scale public gardens, green infrastructure plantings, ecological restoration; to the smallest urban pocket gardens, backyard gardens and habitat gardens. 


We design gardens in a contemporary naturalistic style; with a heavy use of herbaceous perennials, grasses, and native species; with resiliency, beauty, and ecological function being our top priorities. Our passion for garden history throughout the globe makes our style easily adapted to fit the desires of our clients. 


We offer ecological restoration and green infrastructure services; designing and planning for storm water management, phytoremediation, engineered habitat, etc. Our focus is working within novel and hybrid ecosystems, as this offers an opportunity to resolve the human/nature divide, while simultaneously increasing ecological integrity. 


Our wholesale nursery is stocked with native species, along with a well curated selection of ornamental plants. Contract propagation is available for habitat restoration or ornamental gardens.


Consulting is available for any size project; for garden design inquiries, proper installation or maintenance practices, and all aspects of restoration design, planning, implementation or management. 


Gardening services are available for residents in the Buffalo area.   


We work with architects, landscape architects and contractors, land managers, non-profit organizations, farmers, homeowners, restaurateurs, etc. If we are unable to help you directly, we will surely know who to send you to.


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