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Ecologically driven design, Western New York

Olson Design is an ecologically driven landscape design and garden service company, based in Westfield New York and servicing all of Western New York. We work on a wide range of projects from large-scale public gardens, green infrastructure plantings, rewilding and restoration projects; to small pocket gardens and habitat/pollinator gardens. 


Gardening services are available for residents in Chautauqua County. 

We design gardens in a contemporary naturalistic style; with a heavy use of herbaceous perennials, grasses, and native species; with resiliency, beauty, and ecological function being our top priorities. 


We offer urban rewilding services: designing, implementing, and maintaining engineered urban and peri-urban ecologies. Our approach uses native plant communities as reference points, while letting site conditions act as the main driver of a project, providing resiliency and ecological integrity.


For rural landowners living adjacent to high quality ecologies, we offer ecological restoration and invasive species control (for woody species only).


Consulting is available for any size project. 


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