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landscape design

Our naturalistic, plant-driven approach does not mean a messy or an unorganized garden scheme. Rather, the layout of a garden of ours is very structured: softened by mass plantings, layered with structural elements and under-planted with dense ground layers that cover all available soil. Our designs have ecological function while being aesthetically engaging and elegant; ranging from the hyper-stylized design to the more historically accurate native and pollinator gardens. Using a combination of native straight species and cultivated ornamentals, our designs are contemporary, stylized reinterpretations of natural areas; individualized to site conditions and client preferences.


We produce hand-drawn renderings and design bespoke garden elements such as planters and water features. We work with highly talented fabricators, contractors and other artisans for a completely one of a kind garden. 


We design gardens for residents all over Western New York. Winter is the best time of the year for designing and planning. Please reach out to us as early as possible to begin the design process, as Spring and Summer can be busy times of the year for outdoor work. 

Our process….. 


Customer brief/site survey

Our process begins by meeting with a client, creating a customer brief and surveying the property. We will take into consideration all of the needs and wishes of our clients, address or mitigate any potential problem areas, and create a brief that will be the basis for the design. We will survey the site to assure that we have accurate measurements for the design. All site conditions and potential problems will be evaluated. 


Develop concept

Shortly after our site survey, an initial conceptual rendering is sent out in order to gather the clients feedback before moving forward. 


Master plan

Once the concept is agreed upon, we will add in all of the details and specifications for the final master plan. This will include a hand-drawn colored rendering, construction drawings, planting schemes and other technical specifications when necessary.



We install the plant material for most projects. For tree planting, hardscaping and other construction, we can often recommend contractors who are capable. We can also consult clients on how to properly handle the job themselves. 



Unfortunately, landscape management strategies are too often overlooked. It can be overwhelming to maintain a naturalistic garden during the first couple of years. We always encourage clients to hire us for at least one year of maintenance to assure that the plant installation reaches full potential. We also offer free email consulting for clients during the first year of growth after a garden installation. We can train a team or client to properly maintain a planting.

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