the team

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Megan and Steven Olson are a wife-husband design team with years of experience. After earning her B.A. in Geography and Planning with a concentration in watersheds and ecosystems, Megan teamed up with Steven to manage Olson Design. Steven’s passion for urban ecology and years of experience in the landscaping industry is what stemmed the interest to found the design studio. 


Our affinity towards urbanism, botany, horticulture, garden history, fine art, and ecology is what sets us apart from companies with a more narrow view. Rather than being stuck in old ways, we constantly question our methods and beliefs, striving to always move forward, and learn without bias: constantly staying up to date on new research, while engaging with professionals in related fields. 


Currently residing in the city, surrounded by overdeveloped sprawl and harmful agricultural practices, we have witnessed the dramatic impact that development has on the environment, which leaves many ecosystems completely devastated. This has led to our interest in the perceived separation of the natural world from the manmade one. Our work explores the relationships people have with the ecosystems that encompass our living spaces. By forging a new and promising relationship between our human-centered world and the natural world: major environmental issues will be mitigated, our living spaces beautified and a deeper connection between two seemingly separate worlds will be made.